Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Quick update

I thought I should do a quick update here. We are officially in our new house. It is beautiful. I am roughly one millionth as excited as I should be. I am happy to have the home I have always wanted. I am so lucky to have Rich. I am so thankful he bought us this home and gave me two beautiful girls. But even here, in a house she was never physically in, her absence is palpable. Tangible. She is missing and it is so evident. I miss her so much. 

We don't have internet set up yet, so this is all done from my phone. I am quickly using up all of our data. Once we have internet I will post more. I have been jotting random thoughts down the last few days. Lots of things heavily weighing on my mind. 

I do love our house sweetheart. Your picture was the first thing I brought in. I put it right on the mantle. You should be here. You deserve to be here. We've met a couple neighbors, but no one has asked how many kids we have yet, surprisingly. I won't hide you. I don't care how uncomfortable it might make someone. You are mine. I will always talk about you. Everyone should know about you. I love you sweet girl. I am so restless. I need to try to sleep. I love you baby girl. I wish you were here. Wait for me, let's go to the stars. 

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  1. Last paragraph is some bomb ass writing. Keep it coming. *you* are amaze-balls.